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ListPop! Inc.


Boots Through the Door Social Media

Enter your 'Marquee Message' in to the ListPop! system and it will be delivered to:
  • Fans of your business who will receive a 'pop-up'
  • Anyone in the area looking for your kind of business
  • Local hotel and motel employees
  • Tomorrow's local newspaper (for an extra fee)
  • The local newspaper's business classified section
  • Make Your Social Media Efforts Count

    Business needs a place to hold a one on one conversation with its current and future customer base. Moving beyond ‘likes’ and leveraging your social media efforts is what we are all about. Stand out and take control of your mobile advertising. The future is now. Let’s use it.

    What some of our clients say...

    This app does everything! Deals, up to the minute messages and local events all in one place.

    Brian Sugrue, 37, Walnut Creek, CA

    Listpop is a unique app that is extremely convenient and saves me lots of time. I no longer have to go from website to website to see deals and events- it's all right here!

    JJ Phair, 42, Concord, CA

    I love receiving notifications from my favorite businesses! My email has become so full of spam I rarely even check it, now I have the power to only see updates and deals from businesses I care about!

    Megan McGovern, 32, Mill Valley, CA

    Some Listpop Features

    • Push Notifications

      Like a business? Simply add them to your favorites and any time they update a deal, message or event you will receive an instant push notification!

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    • Convenience

      Listpop saves you time and money by bringing your favorite businesses directly to you!

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    • Geo-sensitive

      Not sure where to go or what to do? Click on a category and all participating businesses will be listed by nearest distance to you.

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    • Events

      See an event you want to attend? Just click on the blue "+" to the right of the event and it will be added to your phone's calendar for you!

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