ListPop! for Businesses

ListPop! was developed with businesses in mind.

ListPop! was founded around the idea that traditional marketing mediums are ineffective and are drastically under-utilizing current technologies. ListPop! gives businesses access to an incredibly powerful and customizable real-time marketing tool unlike anything else on the market. Current online marketing tools focus on devaluing your products, are incredibly expensive and do nothing to build a lasting relationship with the customers they bring. ListPop! is focused on providing an affordable solution for your business and you to build lasting relationships with your customers in a way that has never been possible. We are empowering local businesses with the ability to control and custom tailor their marketing strategy for a monthly fee less than a typical ad run in the local newspaper. Included in the monthly subscription is access to a suite of robust analytics to help continually refine and improve your marketing strategy.

Push Notifications

Consumers who have added you to their Favorites will receive an instant push notification anytime you post a new deal, message or event. No more waiting to run a promo a week from now, or posting something on Facebook and hoping at some point people visit your page to view it. Now when you want to generate traffic you can run a deal or send out a message INSTANTLY to your consumer's phone.

Cost Effective

Current marketing tools are either extremely expensive or use outdated methods and are hard to track. Listpop will be your LEAST expensive marketing tool while providing the BEST trackable results.

Build Loyalty With Existing Customers

You don't need to constantly give away your products to get consumers in the door! Through the use of Messages and Events you'll be able to keep consumers up to date with what's going on with your business and in return you will have more loyal customers!